I Wrote This: Windows Phone 8.1 Is an iPhone Killer, Almost

Because clearly, I was going to write about my smartphone platform of choice:

The Windows Phone 8.1 update, which will begin going out to current Windows Phone users over the next few months and show up on new devices built especially for it in May, isn’t an operating system that re-imagines a single thing. It doesn’t come equipped with some revolutionary feature that almost instantly makes the iPhone and Android devices irrelevant. Instead, it’s an operating system that plugs holes in Windows Phone’s defenses and ensures that Microsoft isn’t behind in terms of overall feature set. It also reveals the reason why some users would be better off purchasing a Windows Phone device over an iPhone or Android device for the first time.

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I Wrote This: An Indian-American Takes Over as Microsoft CEO

“I’d imagine that Nadella’s appointment gives Indian-Americans, the same pride as having Barack Obama winning The White House. It’s proof, tangible proof, that their contributions to America and the corporations that power her can’t be ignored, that they too are winners in the American Dream sweepstakes.”

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