In Audio


I was the station manager of Marfa Public Radio, a network of five radio stations broadcasting across West Texas.

An NPR news affiliate, local news outlet, and community radio station in one, Marfa Public Radio stacked regional and national Murrow Awards while also originating 24 hours of music shows produced by volunteer DJs.

I managed Marfa Public Radio’s news, music, engineering, broadcast operations and business from 2022 until 2024.

Before moving to Marfa, I was the program director for VPM News and VPM Music, two public radio stations broadcasting from Central Virginia. A Richmond native, I understood 88.9’s ability to inform and educate across social and technological divides more than most. I began listening to VPM News, then WCVE Public Radio, in car rides with my dad in 1996 and never stopped.

A feature series I co-produced and co-edited at VPM, Another Way: How One Virginia City Reckons with Gun Violence, won an excellence award from the Virginia Association of Press Broadcasters.

I firmly believe in two things: First, media is reflection of self, collectively. Second, whatever you do, be you.

Vocal Demo Reel


Radio is not my first brush with audio. I’ve been a podcast host three times, including a weekly half-hour technology and variety show that ran for a few years. 

Hollywood Bacon was a bi-weekly entertainment podcast I hosted with the talented Lefty Brown and certified bad ass Christa Charter. We talk games, movies, music and the truth about everything in between.

ZuneSpring Live / enConnected Live was a weekly entertainment podcast that centered on Xbox and Zune and was modeled after APM’s Marketplace. Each episode included The Social Report, a by-the-numbers breakdown of the most played artists, albums, and songs. Each episode ended with a musical performance.