For a Friend

For a Friend: The Terrible Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins


I make a living as a video game and entertainment reporter. Sometimes — particularly on those days when there are big keynotes and news to cover — I need a way to unwind; an avenue to relax and contemplate life’s mysteries and what it all means. When I’m not doing any of those things I’m reading.

This week I’m reading Daylon Deon’s The Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins. In the interest of full disclosure, he’s a friend. That being said, what he does in Timber Timmins takes me back to my days of reading Harry Potter and other young fiction that inspired me to create content in the first place.

The Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins is available on Kindle right now for $2.99. Users who have an Amazon Prime subscription can pick up the book absolutely free of charge.