Tea Please.

Everyone can stand to periodically look themselves in the mirror every once in a while and think about what they do and how they do it. Sometimes, the inspiration strikes me to do this in a car or on a plane. Recently, it struck me while I was working at a Starbucks.

Here’s the thing, I have a coffee addiction. Now, I’m not talking about needing a cup to wake up in the morning. I’m talking about four cups of coffee before noon. I’m talking about making another pot after lunch. I love the smell and taste. I love the smooth way that it pours out of the pot and hits the inside of a glass mug, sending rich smells into your face. I come from a long line of caffine fanatics. Maybe you can tell? They got me started when I was 10.

After killing off soda and candy a few years ago, I was only left with coffee. I stopped taking any artificial sweetener in it. When I have coffee, it’s always black. As I set in a Starbucks window three weeks ago, I thought about how caffinated I must be constantly.

So I decided to change it. I haven’t cut out coffee, but I have banned myself to only making a single 2 cup pot in the morning. There’s no drinking it after lunch any.

I’m only three weeks in, but already I feel slightly different. To be honest, I feel manic all the time.

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