Asked & Answered: What sites do you read?

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What sites do you read every day?

Honestly, you’d think may I’d read a lot of Microsoft news. Sometimes that’s true — particularly if the company has a major announcement in the works. Often times, that isn’t true at all.

I’ve endorsed it hear before, but is my go to place for detailed content. I’m also a big fan of The New Yorker and The New Republic. Reading everyday reporting is cool, but sometimes you want someone to dig deep and fully explore their ideas. I like to read intellectual things, but that’s not me exclusively. There are days when you need celebrity gossiping random garbage to put your mind at ease. I visit Media Takeout for that thanks to a longtime friend of mine who first introduced me to it. For all media, nothing gets better that Awesomely Luvvie.

For gaming, I am a huge fan of Polygon. I still love them, but I also keep an eye on GameInformer, no one does detailed content like they do. It still feels well researched and professional, something I wish I got from other places. Scott Hanselman’s blog is terrific for technology and things beyond it.

I don’t visit that many Microsoft sites. Thurrot I browse frequently, though not a huge fan of Paul, he’s a terrific source for just about anything that comes from the company, like it or not. AllAboutMicrosoft is my bible. It’s just habit at this point. I don’t read any Windows Phone specific news sources because I’m not a huge fan of any of them really. One of the main WP websites is pretty tasteless, the other just isn’t my thing.

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