The Costs of Doing Business

I’ve spent this past weekend in Redmond, Washington. I’ve talked with the best and spoken with friends about the worst things I think effect video games, entertainment and more.

On Monday I’ll get back to work sifting through the internet’s treasure trove of not-quite-relevant information — you know, like this post. Spending 12 hours a day pressing plastic underneath my fingertips will be the norm, and I’ll probably be as grumpy as Joe Biden listening to the Republican’s rebuttal to the State of The Union. I’ll love every minute of it.

For now, I’ll think I’ll just go back to looking up at the now brilliantly gorgeous Washington State sky and asking the one question I’ve realized that every normal person asks themselves after being in a room full of brilliant, amazing thinkers: What’s next?

Long live Xbox Summit 2014. See you guys on Monday.


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