A Week in America

Howdy folks. I’ve finally made it home. No more do I have to worry about flight delays, crazy airlines who should be more heavily regulated and some people who can’t seem to follow directions.

This past week I braved frigid temperatures in Chicago. I came up against a monolithic ridiculously complicated bureaucracy in an airport.

And for all of that trouble. For all of that mishap. I’m glad everything worked out the way it did. I’m glad I was stranded in Chicago and got the opportunity to meet real people. Real people with mortgages and careers, real people who work in an airport for a living and attempt to make it bearable for us all. I met journalists who’ve been around the trade show block more than once and give me the hardcore schooling I needed for an event like CES. I finally got the opportunity to meet the team of fellow writers that have taken me under their wing and taught me the business these past 8 months.

It was a hellish, tiring and impossibly stressful week. I enjoyed every minute of it.


hello from Richmond


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